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The First Rigging Inspection Simulator in Augmented Reality (AR) 

Apple and Android

Available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Over one billion Apple and Android mobile devices are now AR compatible. As a result, AR can now be used in training, where traditional tools fall short in simulating real-life scenarios.

We have partnered with leading company Bishop Lifting Products to build the first rigging inspection simulator for mobile AR. 

Start your free 15-day trial of the rigging simulator and discover:

How AR is used to inspect the equivalent of 2,000 lbs of equipment featuring the top 40 flaws with realistic HD graphics in an eye-opening 20-minute safety training experience.  

How AR builds safety expertise twice as fast by recreating scenarios that would be impossible or too expensive to replicate in real life. 

How Augmented Reality (AR) can be used remotely or in the classroom to train or assess your workforce. 

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